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4 Signs You Should Switch From Painting To Powder Coating Your Company's Products

You may have always painted your company's products, but it might be time to rethink your strategy and the processes that you typically use. If you and your team has always painted the products that you make, then you might have never really thought about doing things another way. It might be time to switch from painting and powder coating with some or all of your products, though, for these reasons.

1. You Have Environmental Concerns 

Even though you might have always cared about the environment, you might not have really thought about or realized the impact that some of your manufacturing and finishing processes had on the environment when you first implemented them. Powder coating is generally considered to be more environmentally friendly than painting, so if you'd like to make one change that could benefit the environment, this might be the change that you will want to start with.

2. You're Tired of the Mess

Your work environment might always be messy because of splattered paint, no matter how careful you and your employees might be when you're working with paint products. Powder coating is typically a lot less messy, so you can enjoy a neater work environment and less clean-up work if you make the switch.

3. Your Products Aren't Holding Up Well

If you have found that some of your company's products are not holding up as well as they should, you might be pretty disappointed. There is a good chance that your customers might be disappointed, too. Powder coating is more resistant to scratches and provides better protection overall for many products, so you might be able to greatly improve the quality of your products over the long-term by switching to powder coating.

4. You're Making New Products

Even if you have been happy with painting your company's products so far, it might be time to change things up if you are adding new products to your product line. For example, if your company is going to start making products that will be used outdoors or that will be used for heavy-duty commercial or industrial use, it's time to start thinking about what you can do to make sure that those products will hold up well. Since powder coating is often considered to be more durable than paint, it might be the better choice for the new products that you are going to be making.

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