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What You Can Expect For Your First-Ever Residential LP Gas Delivery

More and more homes are converting to residential LP gas for heating and cooling. The gas is extremely cold, which helps with cooling, and it is compressed under intense pressure, which helps with heating when it is released and ignited. If you have just recently made this conversion in your home or business and you suspect that you need a delivery of more LP gas, here is what you can expect with your first delivery visit. 

The Technician Will Check Your Tanks

There is no messing around with this gas! You want to be sure that you have enough, but you also want to be sure you are not trying to cram more into your tanks than what is physically possible. Additionally, you do not want any leaks, which would decrease pressure inside the tanks and cause a lot of gas to be lost to the air. Before a technician attempts to fill your LP tanks outside, he or she will check for leaks, make sure everything is working okay, and check the volume of existing gas in your tanks. If the tanks are indeed low, the technician will fill them up. If the tanks are only half full, the technician may advise you to wait another week or two before calling to schedule another filling appointment. 

Filling the Tanks

If your tanks need filling, the technician will do one of two things. One, he or she may connect the tanks to a filling tank. The filling tank is a massive container of LP gas on the back of the technician's truck. From there, a hose is run to the tanks behind your home or business. When connected, the release valve on the truck is turned, and gas flows from the truck into your LP tanks. Or, two, the technician brings filled tanks to your location and replaces the empty or nearly empty tanks with the full tanks. This is often preferable because it is safer and easier to do. 

Scheduling the Next Refueling Visit

Depending on the weather conditions, your technician may recommend that you schedule a refueling visit for a month or three months from now. It also depends on the size of the LP tanks you use at your home or office. The bigger the tanks, the fewer refueling visits are needed during the course of the year. Your technician will be able to tell you how often yours need refueling. 

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