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Three Reasons You Should Choose Copper Press Fittings The Next Time You Need To Replace Pipes

Replacing pipes is never fun nor easy. Worse still, you get some of the most drab looking pipes and pipe fittings. Why not switch it up this next time and opt for copper press fittings? Here are three reasons why you should choose these copper fittings over everything else on the market. 

Calcification Resistant

Calcium and lime deposits in the water your industrial plant uses cannot hold to these parts. Copper resists the accumulation of calcium and lime, refusing to allow a single grain to stick to the interior walls of these pipe fittings. What you get is a cleaner pipeline with less maintenance and less of a need for water treatment equipment. (You should probably keep the water treatment equipment anyway. It will keep other non-copper items in your plant cleaner.)

Heat Conductive 

Copper is one of those metals that collects and exudes heat. It radiates heat, which is why kettles, pots, and pans are frequently made of copper. If your plant uses heat for any production purposes, you are going to want pipes and fittings that can help speed that process along. If you have substances in production that cannot lose heat as they transport from one area of the factory to another, then copper is definitely the way to go when replacing fittings and pipes. 

Shiny Copper Is Just So Much Prettier Than Gray Pipe or PVC

Copper works are so much more attractive to look at than cream- or white-colored PVC pipe, and definitely a lot more attractive than the bland gray coloring of other types of pipe and pipe fittings. Its bright, rosy pinkish hue and brilliant shine really changes the industrial scenery to one that is more colorful and reflective of all of the other colors in the same space. You will not get that with PVC or steel/aluminium pipes. 

Figuring out What Types of Fittings You Need

As you get started on replacing pipes in your factory, you will need to figure out just what copper fittings you need. You can do this by removing old fittings and measuring the diameter of the pipe openings, or you can order similarly sized fittings and pipe and hoping they will fit alright. Sometimes the manufacturer can assist you with choosing fittings over the phone, but it helps to have pictures or better descriptions of the fittings when you are trying to explain what it is you need. 

To learn more, contact suppliers of copper press fittings.

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