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Preparing For The Arrival Of Boiler Rentals

When there's a need for your plant to use a rental boilers, there are several steps you can take to prepare your industrial facility for the arrival of the boiler. By being prepared, you can avoid any delays.

Know Your Needs

Make sure you understand the needs of your facility when renting a boiler. A boiler can be mounted to a trailer, mounted to a skid, or you could even rent a mobile boiler room. Understand the HP of the boiler and whether it will meet your needs. Also, find out the capacity of the boiler per hour. 

Know How Long You Need to Wait

Take into consideration how long it will take for the equipment to be transported to your work site. You won't want to have your work be delayed unexpectedly because it takes longer than expected for the boiler to arrive. Look for possible accommodations your business can make if the boiler will take longer to arrive than what is ideal.

Have the Right Equipment

In some cases, you may need to provide additional equipment. Some of this equipment can be rented. For example, you may need to rent a water softener, economizer, deaerator, or a selective catalytic reduction system. 

Know the Needs of the Boiler

Know what type of pipes your facility will need to connect the boiler. In some cases, these are provided by the company and in other cases, you'll have to provide them yourself. Fortunately, a boiler rental company will be able to provide you with all the information you need on requirements.

Understand what requirements must be fulfilled for the boiler to operate. Some boilers are powered by oil, while other boilers are powered by natural gas. If your boiler is powered by natural gas, you'll need the proper hookups. Also, the boiler might have electricity requirements. 

Know what your responsibilities will be and what responsibilities the boiler rental company will have. For example, you may be responsible for performing maintenance and protecting your boiler from the threat of freezing. 

Have a plan for maintaining and weatherproofing your rental boiler. You are responsible for performing basic maintenance tasks and you'll need to inspect safety devices to ensure that they are functioning properly. You will need feedwater treatment and blowdown services. If you are not sure about the responsibilities you'll need to meet with your rental boiler, you can always call the provider to remind you of what needs to be done.

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