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3 Useful Care Steps To Take When Maintaining An Industrial Air Compressor

If you have an air compressor on your industrial work site, it's pivotal to maintain it properly over the years. Failing to do so will result in chronic repairs and expensive replacements. You don't want these issues on your plate, and you can prevent them if you execute the following care steps. 

Change Oil Periodically 

Oil plays a pivotal part in lubricating your air compressor, which prevents parts from breaking down and circumvents heating issues. However, there will be points in time when your air compressor's oil needs to be flushed completely. If it has a sludge-like consistency, for example, you need to change this oil.

Performing this step isn't too difficult, fortunately. You simply need to get some more oil and a drain pan. Place this pan underneath the drain cap and open it up. Once the old oil is out, pour the new oil in. Check your compressor's manual to determine how often this oil should be changed. 

Inspect the Air Filter 

The air filter is one of the more important components of your industrial air compressor, as it prevents debris and particles from entering the system. This filter won't work great forever, though. That's why you need to inspect this part on a regular basis.

After finding the filter housing unit on your compressor, open it up and take out the filter. Inspect both sides thoroughly in a well-lit area. If it's covered in particles or dirt, you'll need to find a suitable replacement. Just make sure the new filter is sized appropriately. 

Utilize Annual Inspections

Even if the industrial air compressor seems to be performing normally, it's still a good idea to get in the habit of having it inspected annually by a professional. Then, if you happen to miss a potential complication or damaged part, you'll be notified before more serious problems occur. 

This inspection should be carried out by someone who's licensed and extremely familiar with the air compressor on your work site. They'll check major components and make note of any warning flags. After the procedure, you'll receive a full breakdown of issues that need your attention.

Air compressors play a pivotal role in the industrial field. If your company relies on them regularly, get in the habit of checking their components and executing proper maintenance steps. Only then will you be able to ensure your compressors work optimally for as long as possible. 

For more information, contact an air compressor manufacturer.

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