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4 Tips For Purchasing Machine Spindles

Machine spindles provide an axis of rotation for many different types of machinery. Machines used across several different industries rely on machine spindles to function effectively. Wood shops rely on spindles to allow their lathes to work as intended. Farmers also make use of spindles in their rotary cutter machines. The right spindle can keep your machine working at peak efficiency. Here are four tips to help you purchase the right machine spindle for your needs:

1. Buy from an established supplier.

Purchasing your machine spindles from a specialty supplier will help ensure you get the best product possible. Machine spindle suppliers know their product and will be able to point you in the direction of the appropriate spindle for your needs. High-quality machine spindles are made from durable, rust-resistant metal, and they will stand the test of time. Spindles made from lower-quality material may need to be replaced sooner, costing you both time and money.

2. Purchase the right size.

Spindles come in various sizes to fit in different types of machinery. When buying a machine spindle, make sure you purchase the right size. The manual that came with your machine should offer you information that will help you select replacement parts. If you can't find the relevant information, your old spindle can help you find a suitable replacement. Take your old machine spindle to a supplier and allow them to help you find a match. If they don't have the right size in stock, they can help you by fabricating a custom machine spindle to the same specifications of your old part.

3. Upgrade your machine spindle.

Regular maintenance can help you retain your current machine spindles for longer. Maintenance will help mitigate any wear and tear on the part due to typical use. However, if your current machine spindle is several years old, you may want to consider upgrading it, even if it still functions. Modern custom machine spindles are more precise than their older counterparts. They can allow you to cut wood and other objects at a faster rate, leading to increased productivity and higher profits.

4. Decide between belt-driven and integral motor spindles.

High-speed spindles are the best choice for heavy machine work. Belt-driven spindles and integral motor spindles are the two predominant options. Integral motor spindles can revolve at 60,000 RPMs, according to Superior Spindle Service. Belt-driven spindles rotate only a quarter as quickly, but their slower speed means they're more durable. Carefully consider your need for high speeds and weigh it against the potential benefits of longer-lasting parts.

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