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Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Air filtration is important, especially if you are located in an area with a lot of dust or allergens in the air. While the air in most homes is filtered through the air conditioning system, the filtration quality can be improved with minor changes. 

Dust Filtration

Basic air filtration is only intended to remove large dust particles from the air in your home and keep dirt out of the air conditioning system, to increase the life of the equipment. The filters used in most homes are inexpensive, throw-away filters that are good for a month and then should be changed. 

Upgrading the filters in the system with higher-quality filters that offer better filtration of small particles is always an option and, in most cases, only requires you to purchase a better filter and replace the old filter with it. 

Allergens and Filtration

If you are trying to filter out allergens from the air, you may need more than just a new filter in the AC unit. A stand-alone air filtration system can be installed in your home to circulate the air in the house through the system. This removes small particles of dirt, dust, pollen, and many other airborne allergens from the air.

These systems can be used either in conjunction with your air conditioning system or in a home that does not have AC. The systems are easier to install in a home that already has ductwork in it, but the air filtration installer can install the ducts when the system is being set up. 

It is crucial to have the ducts cleaned regularly if you are using a system like this because dust settling in the ductwork will contaminate the system and make it less effective. Most air filtration companies can help with maintenance, and the installation professional will explain the maintenance interval for you when they are putting in the system.

Specialty Filters

No matter what kind of filtration you choose for your home, you can get specialized filters that will target specific materials for you. These specialty filters are typically not available at a local home center, and they may cost more. Still, if they are necessary for health or medical reasons, the filtration company can get them for you. 

HEPA filters and filters with super fine filtration may need to be changed more often than standard filters as well. An air filtration company can help you determine what filter you need and how often to change it if you tell them what your filtration goal is. 

For more information about air filtration, contact a local company.

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