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Make Your Job Easier By Switching To Hex Head Bolts

Do you regularly use bolts, nuts, and other fasteners to get the job done at your company or in your own personal workshop? If you want to speed up the process or just make the job a bit easier, you might want to look into the benefits of switching to hex head bolts and nuts in as many places as you can. Here's how hex heads can help you improve your work process and even help create better final builds or products.

Hex Heads Are the Standard Across Many Industries and Can Make It Easier to Find the Right Tool for the Job

If you are using some other type of bolt or nut that does not feature a hex head, you may have already found that non-hex head bolts can be hard to match up with the right tool. Hex heads are the standard option in many different industries, especially construction and manufacturing. When you use hex heads in your shop or business, it will be easier to find a matching tool at every point during the build process.

The Six Sides of a Hex Head Can Allow for Better Grip, Higher Torque, and a More Secure Fastening Job

Because a hex head features six sides, this makes it easier for you to approach the head with your tool of choice and get a grip on it. This could be especially important if the construction calls for fitting a bolt, nut, or screw into a tight spot and you need to approach it from just the right angle with a hand tool. 

Beyond actually gripping the head, the six sides may also allow for higher torque as the head is turned. This can help ensure a better overall fastening job or at least a more efficient one because the head will allow you to fully secure the bolt on the first try.

Hex Head Bolts Are Typically Made With Steel and Will Stand Up to Corrosion

While it's possible to get hex head bolts crafted from a variety of custom materials if desired, your standard hex head will likely come in the form of steel or stainless steel. This will provide additional long-term durability for whatever you are putting together. Your standard hex head bolt will be able to stand up to corrosion with no issue, making it ideal for use in any product, device, or build that will be used outdoors or subjected to high humidity in the future. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers hex head bolts

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