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7 Issues That Should Impact Your Aerospace Crane Model Selection

If you are investing in an aerospace crane for your industrial or manufacturing operation, you need to make sure you address all the issues that impact your equipment needs. The following are seven issues that should impact your aerospace crane model selection


The environment is one of the most important factors that impacts the type of crane you need and the capabilities of your aerospace crane equipment. In the aerospace industry, crane equipment may need to stand up to the rigors of extreme environments.

Your crane model needs to stand up to the temperatures of the environment in which it will be used. It also needs to be constructed from materials that will resist corrosion in the environment in question and stand up to exposure to the chemicals and pressure levels of your facility environments. 

Weight capacity

Consider the weights of the loads your aerospace crane will need to handle. You need to determine that you won't exceed the capacity limitations of your crane equipment so that you ensure safety at your facility and maximize the lifespan of your equipment as well. 

Duty cycle

Determine how frequently your aerospace crane is going to be in use. A crane used in production that must stand up to constant usage needs to meet more demanding durability specifications than a crane used for intermittent or infrequent maintenance tasks. 

Crane speed

Aerospace crane models are designed to work at particular speeds. It's essential that your crane equipment can keep up with production and work speeds at your facility while also ensuring an acceptable level of precision.

Be sure to discuss crane speed with your aerospace crane manufacturer when you're choosing the right equipment model for your application. 

Area coverage

Consider the layout of your worksite and figure out details like the coverage you need for your crane work. You need to calculate what your working crane area should be as well as the positioning of your crane load hook approach.

It's essential to work out these details to determine the sizing and required dimensions of your crane model and setup. 

Space availability on your worksite

Consider the size of your facility to ensure that you choose a crane that is sized properly to function on your existing runway. Consider facility clearances over your runway so that you know that the lowest overhead obstruction won't block the path of the aerospace crane you select. 


Consider your facility's available power supply that you can use to hook up your aerospace crane. Discuss the voltage requirements of crane equipment models with your crane manufacturer. You'll need to have a dedicated circuit available of an appropriate voltage to supply an adequate amount of power to your crane.

To learn more, contact an aerospace crane manufacturer in your area today.

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