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Avoid Trouble By Updating Your Vacuum Relief Valves

Any type of complex equipment or piping that sends air through a vacuum will likely have an air relief valve or two installed somewhere. These valves may not look like much but can actually be a critical part of your overall setup, especially if you want your equipment to last for a long time. Here are just some of the reasons why it's important to ensure your air or vacuum relief valves are up to date and functioning properly at all times.

Reduce Pressure As Needed

If you use a vacuuming system that is complex, it's possible that pressure could build up within the system at certain key points. The point of a pressure relief valve is to provide you with a quick and easy way to remove unwanted pressure from a specific spot before it builds to an unstable or dangerous level. This allows you to continue using the vacuum or other equipment with peace of mind and full functionality. 

Avoid Pump or Vacuum Failure

So what happens if your pressure relief valves are no longer getting the job done? Well, the first thing that might happen is that you'll notice that your vacuum, pump or other equipment is no longer effective at its job. Too much pressure in the wrong spot could throw the entire system out of wack. Some pressure relief valves will automatically release pressure after it reaches a certain level while other valves can be operated manually. Regular use of these valves will help you avoid failure during operation and ensure greater efficiency during use.

Avoid Damage to Pumps and Vacuums

If you allow pressure to build up even further due to a faulty pressure relief valve, it's even possible that you could end up damaging your vacuum, pump, piping or other equipment. Replacing or fixing any pressure relief valves as needed will ensure longevity for your entire setup and make your equipment purchase more cost efficient over time. In an extreme scenario, a severe build up of pressure could even prove dangerous to your employees. Inspecting and replacing your pressure relief valves on a regular basis will help guard against incidents that could leave your company liable for someone's injury.

Contact a Relief Valve Supplier

When inspecting wear and tear on your vacuum or pump system, don't forget to inspect any vacuum pressure relief valves you have installed. A local vacuum relief valve product supplier can ensure you keep the system under control and running efficiently and safety for years to come.

Contact a company like McKenzie Valve and Machining LLC to learn more.

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