Teaching Kids About Manufacturing

Five Important Considerations When Choosing A Custom Welding Service To Partner With Your Industrial Operation

It's important to choose the right custom welding service if you have welding work that you need to have carried out for your industrial operation. There are numerous considerations you should go over in detail with custom welders in your area before making a decision on who you want to work with.  The following are five important considerations when choosing a custom welding service to partner with your industrial operation.   Read More 

Putting A Gooseneck Body On Your Truck To Increase Versatility

Any time you use your truck for work or hauling, you want to ensure it can work for you. Adding versatility to a truck sometimes means changing the rear body and replacing it with something different. Gooseneck truck bodies are a great option if you use the truck to haul a gooseneck trailer and still need some cargo space.  Body Designs Gooseneck trailers use a hitch design that reaches over the rear of the truck pulling it, to attach to a ball mounted over the rear axle. Read More 

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Teaching Kids About Manufacturing

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of different ways that your life is better than your ancestors. For starters, we have the privilege of living in a society that is incredibly advanced, making it easier to enjoy first-world amenities like air conditioning, cable television, and homes that are safe and comfortable. However, there are other things that people really take for granted, which is why working with your kids to understand industrial and manufacturing concerns is so important. I started chatting with my kids about manufacturing months ago, and it felt good to teach them something about the way the world worked. Check out this website to learn more about manufacturing to share the information with someone else.

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